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Writer's Block

Bestsy Landau
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Do You Want To Overcome Writer's Block Easily?

Of course you do.

It's extremely frustrating to be unable to write when you really want to.

Of course you do.

Writer's block can strike anyone at anytime. The seasoned professional as well as the novice. And when writer's block appears, it feels as if it will never go away. It feels as if there's nothing you can do to make it go away. It feels so awful you may want to get up and leave your writing space. You may even do just that.

Of course you do.

You can break free of writer's block right now!

What you need are some clear guidelines about what specifically to do to overcome the block.

Overcome Writer's Block Easily will help you immediately with a simple usable plan. You won't need to wait for inspiration. You will write. And, the writing will make you feel good whether you're on a self-imposed or an externally imposed deadline.

The book begins by getting right to the psychological blocks that get in the way of your writing. This part moves quickly, and it provides you a wonderful opportunity to jump immediately into your writing. I had a few clients who actually enjoyed getting into their psychological blocks and seeing themselves swim through them. It can happen for you too!

A few of the powerful benefits you will receive include:

I developed Overcome Writer's Block Easily in part through years of my own work as a writer. In addition, as a writing coach for many years, I have been helping novice, intermediate and professional writers accomplish projects that either they had never started, or had been stalled for so long they thought they could never complete them. They felt great about the completed projects and great about themselves!

"There were many roadblocks to overcome before I was able to find my rhythm. Betsy was instrumental in getting the story teller in me 'unstuck.' I've found my groove and what works for me. I'm now writing consistently and enjoying telling the story." --Cindy M.,California

You Can Finish That Project You Started
Or Want To Start

It looks hard to you because you haven't done it. But, having the right key to unlock the door to your potential, skills, and creativity, is just moments away from you.

Overcome Writer's Block Easily helps you move forward in a systematic way without compromising your creativity. In fact, it relies on your creativity as one of the sources of your empowerment.

Of course you do. But, writing is your right. That's right (write!). Writing is your absolute right! One of the women with whom I worked who was convinced that the words would never flow onto paper was more than pleasantly surprised to see how wrong she was when we used various sections from this book.

So why not step up to the plate by seeing what's in Overcome Writer's Block Easily that can help you actualize the book, article, essay, short story, news article… whatever it is that is your heart's desire?

You will not be disappointed. I have test marketed sections of this book with many writers. I have received wonderful feedback. Plus, there is new material. As a whole, with new material added, this is an unbeatable package.

Start receiving the powerful benefits right now:

If you're not completely satisfied in 90 days, I will happily refund your money AND you still get to keep Overcome Writer's Block Easily.

Get Started today…. Now….

For only $24.95 you will be able to easily:

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Warm Regards,

Betsy Landau
Life and Writing Coach/Certified MentorCoach

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