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These steps are meant to loosen you up and get you going. As a boat anchored to shore cannot move though it has the capacity, nor can we make progress in our lives unless we lift the anchor(s) that are holding us in place. So lets start:

  • Usually once we start looking at blogs like this one, we’ve already taken the first step towards changing ourselves or changing something in our lives. Too often we don’t notice that.. So our very first step is to notice that change is happening.

  • A second step is to make a list of what we want to change. For example, finish a project we started, learn to ski (or some other activity), become calmer, be more self confident in certain situations.

  • From this list pick one thing to focus on and do the following:

  • let it be the easiest thing on the list – tackling the hardest first is an exercise leading to disappointment at best and feelings of failure at worst

  • set a small goal to reach

  • set a reasonable time frame to achieve your goal (you may have to check with a friend or someone you trust to be sure about this one)

  • enlist support – people, books, classes, etc.

  • revisit your goal frequently to see if you still want to achieve it

Success in our lives usually happens in small steps over time. Be patient, and as well enjoy the process.

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