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First Step in Goal Setting

Are you thinking about what goals you want to work on starting next month?

The beginning of a month is a good time to start goal setting and working on goals. The first of a month is typically energizing, except when it’s April Fools’ Day. The first of January is typically the time to make changes you’ve been putting off. Sadly, January first goals are rarely achieved because once the enthusiasm is gone in a few weeks, sometimes less, there are no routines that have been put in place to keep you going.

One way to get into the routine of achieving the goals you want on the first of the month is to start writing down ten to fifteen (10 to 15) goals EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can start today, tomorrow, or even on the first of any month.

Here’s the important thing about writing these goals: DO NOT LOOK BACK AT THE GOALS YOU WROTE THE PREVIOUS DAY. According to Brian Tracy, renowned for his expertise in goal achievement, if you start fresh daily, the goals that are meaningful will at some point be remembered from one day to the next.

Once that happens you are ready to move forward. That will be the topic of the next blogpost.

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