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Stuff happens... It's ok.

Hopefully you’ve been writing down your goals every day. Of course “stuff” happens and you may have skipped a day or two. That’s just life. Developing the routine is what’s important.

And, you’ve been writing in the present tense, using “I” as the subject. For example, “I am making $100K/year. “I spend two evenings a week with friends.”

You will notice that some goals have dropped off your list. Other goals have taken a different place on your list. No matter. Usually, by the time you have completed 30 days of daily goal setting you will have a pretty coherent list with a pretty stable order. If it takes you longer, no problem with that.

Remember to add to each goal the date by which you want your goal accomplished. Your date may change, but again no matter. Eventually the date that makes sense to you will settle in at some point.

So your goal may say “I am earning $100K by September 1,” or “I am socializing two evenings a week with friends by March 1.” The date you pick is your best guess of when you believe you can realistically accomplish that goal. But it is not written in stone. Flexibility is important here. You can only go at your own pace, whatever that is.

Belief is also critical . Specifically you must believe you can accomplish your goals. That where building your positive belief comes in. Often your belief is not so strong when you start out. So you can increase your belief that you can accomplish your goals by continuing to write you goals as well as rereading them during the day and especially before you go to sleep. Sleep is a time that your goals can incubate.

Your belief can also be strengthened by writing down the steps you can take to achieve your goal.

We will continue to talk about ways to strengthen your belief in future posts.

For now, enjoy the day. See you next time.

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