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Belief and Visualization

There used to be a great deal of interest in “The law of attraction.” The premise is that if you focus on what you want, you will attract it. The problem with this was found to be that what people say they want in words is too often not in alignment with what they believe they can have. The may want it, but at a deep level they do not believe it is possible for them to have it, and so the law of attraction does not work in those instances.

One way to get to this agreement is to actively visualize yourself having what you say you want. When you do this, it must feel real. You must see it, feel it, sense it, hear it,… really live it…. In your visualization/imagination. The more real the visualization is to you, the more likely you can achieve it. For example, if you bring to memory an experience you’ve had in the past, it can feel real, as if it’s happening now, if you not only see the image of the experience, but as well feel how you felt then, smell what you smelled then, heard what you heard then, etc.

For example, when someone wants to be a nonsmoker, visualizing their life as a nonsmoker will help the person come to believe it is possible. The person needs to see what they will be doing specifically, day by day as if it’s happening right then. They need to notice how they feel right then in the image. They need to sense and taste and smell whatever it is in the image right then. And they need to see where they are and whoever else is there.

Getting a clear, full bodied image can take practice, especially if you’re not used to doing visualizations. But, with time you can achieve it.

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