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Beliefs and A Relaxed State

A relaxed mind is a receptive mind. It is different from a sleepy mind. The mind can be alert but without effort as in meditation or mindfulness.

Breath is supportive of a relaxed mind. We all breathe but not necessarily with a relaxed receptive focus. For that, deeply breathing from the diaphragm, or focusing on how we’re breathing is needed. In other words, we need to become aware we are breathing even though breathing is an automatic act.

If we go back to the last post with the example of building a belief as a non smoker in addition to the full bodied visualization of yourself as a nonsmoker (see last post for specifics), you can enhance the effect by breathing deeply or concentrating on your breath as you experience the image.

Practice makes if not perfection, the increased likelihood your belief will become strong and you will achieve your goal.

You need not practice a long time each time you practice… Five minutes may be enough for you. But doing the visualization frequently is important if the visualization is to help you change to a belief you want.

Have fun with your practice. After all, it is a break from your routine as you create a new and more fulfilling routine.

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