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Revisiting Practical Steps to Achieving Your Goals

January 22nd’s post summarized the practical steps to achieve your goals. These steps can never be reviewed too much. So, if you have not yet started your goal setting, and even if you have, here are the steps in brief review:

  1. Have a notebook.

  2. Write your goals each day.

  3. Each goal is to be stated in the present as if it is happening now and the sentence starts with “I” and ends with the date you want the goal achieved. For example, I am spending Sundays with my family by July 1.

  4. Pick one goal and write 3 steps you can do right now to achieve it. It is not necessary that you do the steps.

  5. Read over your day’s goals as often as you like.

  6. Do not look back at the goals you’ve written on previous days.

  7. Don’t worry about the order of your goals or if any drop off or if you change the date.

  8. Be kind to yourself if for any reason you find you are unable to write your goals. Just get back to them when you can.

  9. Enjoy the process.

See you next time!!!

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