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Use Your Strengths

It may seem unnecessary to say it’s important to use your strengths to achieve our goals. Don’t you take it for granted that you already do?

One way to find out if that’s true is to identify your strengths through an assessment. A popular and useful assessment is the VIA (Values in Action) Strengths Test, long form. It takes about twenty minutes to complete and can be taken online at It is free unless you want a detailed analysis to help you understand how to use your strengths.

While often you can identify one or two strengths we have been finding through the VIA test that we all have many more which can not only be a pleasant surprise but useful in achieving goals.

The VIA test identifies twenty four strengths. There are NO weaknesses in this assessment. The top five to seven are your signature strengths. Knowing what they are can allow you to focus on using them in a conscious planned way and therefore to accelerate the pace with which you can reach your goals.

So consider taking this test. There are no right or wrong answers.

See you next time.

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