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Goals that feel real

If you have a goal and you have not achieved it or feel challenged in reaching it , it is time to consider the possibility that the goal you have decided upon is not the goal for you. If you are to have the perseverance to continue to move through the obstacles that inevitably present themselves, the goal must feel real to you.

If you cannot definitely say the goal you’ve set for yourself is a goal you really, deeply, genuinely want, it’s no surprise you’re not making what you think is enough progress to achieve it.

The longer you go on without making progress, the more likely it is you will feel discouraged. You may even start thinking things like “There must be something wrong with me,” or “I’m a failure.” This kind of thinking is an opportunity to take a good, hard, serious look at the goal you’ve set.

It is time to ask yourself a couple of questions: (1) “What did I believe this goal was going to do for me?” For example, “make me happy,” “give me more money,” “have more friends.” (2) How did I believe my life would be different if I reached the goal?

If you can see your life would be what you want, on a day by day basis, keep pursuing the goal. If not , it’s time to discover a new goal. One that is genuinely you.

You may feel temporarily lost, even scared. But you will discover the goal that is truly you if you persist. We’ll talk about one way to do this in the next post.

See you next time.

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