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Experiment is the way to a genuine goal

Let’s say you just can’t get or keep the energy to continue to pursue your goal. Let’s say you’ve examined what you thought the goal was going to give you., and you don’t see it happening. It’s time to stop.

Part of getting to the life you want is knowing when it’s time to change your direction. If you don’t know what goal you want trying out different activities that you haven’t done before can provide guidance. New experiences give you an opportunity to not only do things you haven’t done before, but as well you will meet new people, and be in new situations.

You may need to support yourself financially until you uncover your passion. What’s important to keep in mind is that there is something that can genuinely

Ignite your passion.

We all are experience and growth seeking beings. If we’re not doing the things that help us learn and grow there may be negative beliefs getting in the way, As well there may be too much negative feeling in the form of anxiety or depression.

Don’t give up.

You may need additional support in the form of a therapist or coach if the supports you have in place are not enough to keep you moving.

Don’t give up on your passion. Don’t give up on yourself. You’re worth it. You’re worth having the life you want.

See you next time.

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