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Celebrating the people who transformed their lives.


"Betsy has been instrumental in helping me grow as an individual.  I have learned to be less reactive, more reflective.  She has provided me with the tools necessary to attain my goals.  Her coaching has helped me to become a better person in all aspects of my life."

--Kory T



"It’s taken a while, but I feel more confident and less afraid of things.  I have been able to do things I never imagined would be possible.  Betsy really helped me."

--Robert S



"Betsy is a professional that I trust.  Her style has worked for me.  She has provided me with a solution focused approach to my needs while she also has compassionately validated my concerns.  After learning strategies from her, I believe the progress I have made is immeasurable.  My family sees this as well.  I am grateful for her work with me and for her genuine concern."

--Mary A



"I have been challenged to think about my life in new ways  which has  led  me  to become more independent  and resourceful.  I greatly value the work I’ve done with Betsy."

--Marty S



"There were many roadblocks to overcome before I was able to find my rhythm.  Betsy was instrumental in getting the storyteller in me ‘unstuck.’  I’ve found my groove and what works for me.  I’m now writing consistently and enjoying telling the story."

--Cindy M



"As it turns out, my work experience, as varied as it is, has a common thread running through it.  Betsy helped me see this common thread.  Betsy also gave me a lot of encouragement during my job search, and she helped me to find several good sources to look for jobs beyond the normal interest job boards.  Betsy is a very positive and helpful person, and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to change jobs, change careers, or who is simply trying to manage their current job and career."

--Bob C


"Betsy has helped me change my life.  She helped me develop a toolbox to deal with the joys, sorrows, relationship and everyday challenges that I faced in my life.  She has been incredibly valuable in helping identify and build my strengths.  I have learned how to target areas to work on allowing for even more personal growth.  And finally, I am now able to maintain balance."

--Vanessa S



"Betsy’s coaching helped me rediscover my passion for writing.  Through our work together, I gained confidence in my writing.  Her support, encouragement and occasional little push here and there, also helped me move my writing to a more public stage.  I now regularly post to my blog.  More than anything, however, Betsy helped me find the balance between my inner critic and my muse.  Because of this, I enjoy writing with a freedom I never had before."

--Sara H.








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