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Helping others create their best lives for over 35 years.

Create Your Best Life

Are you wanting more in your life, or something to be different?

Are you unsure of your path forward?

Have you done everything you know to do to move forward
And you still need more?


Are you facing a difficult decision or transition?


Creating your best life is possible if you’re

 -Motivated
 -Committed

 -Persevering
 -Hopeful




Betsy Landau

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What's the difference between 

Life Coaching and Therapy?

“We are all human beings having human problems”


CLICK HERE to see some common problems

  Let’s Talk: 917-846-6141

“Thank you so much for being there to listen and help me make sense of the confusion.”
--Brenda S

“You supported me where I’ve been and you’ve been able to motivate me by giving me permission to move at my own pace and it energized me.”

 --Kay D

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