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Change - enjoy the experience of getting where you're going

Betsy Landau

Helping others get "unstuck"
for over 35 years.

And start living healthy TODAY



I’m Dr. Betsy Landau

Licensed Psychologist and Certified Life and Writing Coach


Are you stuck and unhappy about it?

Tired of not achieving your goals?

Feeling depressed, anxious, or angry?

Are you dissatisfied with a relationship, work, or career?

Are you ready for change in your life?


Within a short period of time my clients feel empowered, centered and focused in the direction they want for their lives


You can have this too.


I invite you to call and schedule an appointment with me.


Let’s find out how we can work together to achieve your goals, or even discover your goals if you’re not sure what they are.




I invite you to call or email and schedule an appointment



“You supported me where I’ve been and you’ve been able to motivate me by giving me permission to move at my own pace and it energized me.”

 --Kay D

“Thank you so much for being there to listen and help me make sense of the confusion.”
--Brenda S

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What's the difference between

Life Coaching and Therapy?

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