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       Dr. Betsy Landau


Dr. Betsy Landau works with clients to facilitate personal growth on the clients’ own terms.  Her focus is on helping clients to identify their strengths, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals.  Often the goals are known, but have been ignored.  


Sometimes clients want a change in a portion of their lives, for example a career, a project, some kind of writing, or a relationship.  Sometimes there’s a more wide reaching change desired.   Step by step, the client arrives at their outcome.   Because the road is not typically clear at the beginning of Dr Landau’s work with the client, the client is often surprised, but none the less pleased when they arrive at their destination.


Dr Landau is a licensed PhD Psychologist and a Certified Life Coach (PCC).   She received her degree from The City University of New York.  Her training has included many techniques over the 35 years she has been working with people.  Some of the approaches are cognitive behavior therapy, insight oriented psychotherapy, strategic family therapy, solution focused therapy, EFT, EMDR, NLP, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and a wealth of coaching techniques.  Her approach draws from her rich array of techniques depending on what the client needs.  The process is always driven by the client’s needs and wants.





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“Betsy is clear-thinking, challenging and caring.  Our sessions led to practical plans that moved me toward my goals.  I walked away feeling inspired, energized and ready to take action.”

--Marlene M

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