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Therapy and Life and Writing Coaching  

What is the change process?

So now you’re aware that you are not yet where you want to be. 

Great first step!

Why not take the next step of moving forward?

Together we will look at how you see your life currently.  Rather than being on ‘automatic,’ I can help you be more conscious about what you’ve taken for granted till now so a new, better, and more authentic story of your life becomes real to you.


We’ll process any feelings and blocks that you’ve experienced till now.  You’ll use the tools you know and use well, and you will learn new tools.  I can help you appreciate all of your strengths and the resources that you already have available.


Along the way, you are likely to encounter some obstacles.  That’s natural.  We will examine the obstacles you encounter in this process going forward and overcome them to facilitate the change you want.   To have the life you were meant to live.


The process unfolds in a way that is unique to you.  And at the end you will feel uniquely you and fulfilled.  On the outside you may look the same to everyone you know, but you will be doing things differently.  And you will feel and think differently.  It will be a very positive and very welcome difference.





Psychotherapy for adults and older adults


    Psychotherapy is the best choice when you are feeling overwhelmed or

    having persistent negative feelings, thoughts or behaviors.


     Psychotherapy is considered a medical need and is covered by insurance

      It is usually done in person



Life Coaching/Writing Coaching


      Life coaching is  the best choice when you’re wanting to make a change, 

       but are not doing it


        Life coaching is considered an educational activity and is  therefore 

        not covered by insurance.  It is usually done on the phone but can also be done 

        face to face in person or using technology (e.g., Facetime or videoconferencing)


Both processes are an investment in a future you’d like to have.





One on one





I invite you to call or email and schedule an appointment





“Betsy helped me move forward effortlessly in ways I didn’t even realize were happening.”

--Judith T

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