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Getting Unstuck with Self Compassion:  5 Tips

Too often I see that people who say they’re stuck also say they’re irritated or angry with themselves. Even feel badly about themselves. And, they’re so busy feeling badly about themselves that they are often too exhausted to do what they say they want to do. Or they are too tired to be totally engaged in the activity that they know is important to them. The more they avoid the activity they want to do, the worse they feel. This may even describe you at times.

Of course it’s best to be aware of when you’re on the downward emotional slope and give yourself some self compassion. A few moments is often enough, especially if you catch yourself before the downward trajectory becomes steep.

So here are some tips that can help prevent the fall. And, if you’re falling, it’s a good time to check out these tips even if you’ve already checked them out before. You can never have too much self compassion. (Self compassion is not self pity. It’s genuinely caring for yourself.)

1. Give yourself a real hug. Really wrap your arms around yourself and hold tight. Hold till you smile. Hold like you know you really care about yourself. ☺

2. Look in the mirror and see all the wonderful qualities that are truly you when you’re not feeling badly about yourself. When you’re not in the downward emotional slope. Make sure you smile at yourself. ☺

3. Call a friend and ask your friend to give you a pep talk about your truly wonderful qualities. The qualities your friend really values in you. The qualities your friend absolutely knows are true. If you listen long enough you’ll find yourself smiling. ☺

4. Write down why it’s important to you to do the activity you’ve been avoiding. If you no longer find the activity important to you, be honest with yourself so you can move on to an activity that is important to you. Everyone has activities that are meaningful to them. Post the activity with a smiley face to remind you of the value it has for you. ☺

5. Review all the things you’ve done that you feel good about. If you haven’t already made a list of these, now would be a good time to make the list so you can have it handy for those moments when you begin to feel your motivation falter and your irritation with yourself beginning. Looking at the list will bring a smile to your face. ☺

Smiling is great medicine and contributes to preventing unhappiness and illness. Why not start the day with a dose of it, and engage in it throughout the day?

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