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Helpful Thoughts to Achieve Goals

Having thoughts is natural to our way of being in the world. Often we are not aware of our thoughts. That’s a good thing when we are immersed in what we are doing. We are “in flow.” There is no effort involved. We’re just naturally “doing.” When we become aware of our thoughts it is likely because we’ve hit a bump in the road… or even a boulder. Helpful thoughts are those that move us through the situation. Unhelpful thoughts keep us stuck and make us feel upset, leading to more upset. Yet, being aware of these unhelpful thoughts can be the first step in getting through them.

It is the time to draw on mindfulness, presence, meditation. These were the topics of the last several posts.

We don’t always need to be aware of our thoughts – as when we are in flow. But, if we are aware we need to have our thoughts be present focused and allow us to return to the goal tasks at hand.

Notice how these ideas work for you.

See you next time.

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