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Practical Steps to achieve goals

If you have not yet started your goal setting for 2018 having read the previous post, I’ll review what I’ve covered as well as add the practical steps you can follow.

  1. Have a notebook ready to write your daily goals. This is very important. Kinesthetic feedback from the physical act of writing has been shown to more quickly and deeply imprint learning.

  2. Do not look back at goals you’ve written on prior days. Creating goals is a living experience. If you don’t remember the goal(s) today you may tomorrow, or another day. Or it may show up down the line. Your goals are a work in progress because you are a work in progress.

  3. The order of your goals may change. That’s fine. Whatever the order is is the order you need for today.

  4. Write as many goals as you like. Your list may grow to more than 10 at a time or be as small as four (or even one if that’s what you need0.

  5. You need to write your goals in the present tense, in the positive and use the first person pronoun. For example, “I am spending quality time with my family and friends.”

  6. Your goals also need to have a due date. For example,” I am spending quality time with my friends and family by March 1.” You can always change the due date, but writing the due date creates momentum.

  7. To speed the process along further you will end on picking one goal and writing 3 steps you can take right now to achieve the goal of spending time with friends and family. You don’t need to actually do these steps right now. You just need to write them down to get your brain used to the idea.

These steps are very important towards more quickly achieving your goals.

But remember, even just writing down your goal(s) significantly increases the chances you will get there.

Enjoy the day.

Happy 2018.

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